What is at McMahoniacs ?

McMahoniacs has a very active forum where people discuss Julian and his earliest, latest and anything in between, work, share friendship and views. We have members from all continents, and of a wide span of ages.

Members can not only share opinions and discuss Julian, we offer them access to an ever expanding library of videos of interviews, clips from shows and movies, including the ever watchable 1988 Levis's ad. Our collection is growing rapidly as Julian's career blossoms, (explodes, hits the stratosphere).

McMahoniacs have also been extremely busy recently and have created  wonderful MEMBERS PAGES which links you to our videos, archived sides, and a fantastic new  scans archive where you can see all the scans of articles about Julian, that members from all over the world have contributed.

You MUST be a member of the forum to access these wonderful treats about Julian.

Members can also post and archive fanfic about the TV shows and movies Julian is/has stared in, access all the latest news about Julian, his career and pictures from around the world. Never underestimate the ability of a McMahoniac to find anything, anywhere published about Julian.

Another new project is WIKIJULIAN

WIKIJULIAN is a wiki  (just like Wikipedia) all about Julian McMahon. Members contribute articles, links to fanfic, links and information about his career and the shows and movies Julian has been in.

You can join WikiJulian at the link at the bottom of the page but you must also join the McMahoniacs forum using the same USER name because we like to know who is adding information to Wikjulian.

How to Join

To see all these treasures, you have to register as a member. Its not that we are exclusive but we like to know who you are so we can say hello.

To join us click here. You will need to chose a member name and use a genuine email address. When you register you will receive an email with a validation link you must click.

After you validate we ask you to be patient as your request to join has to be Ok'd by a site administrator. We try to do this as fast as possible but it may take 24 hours.

Please take the time. McMahoniacs is the place to come for any fan of Julian McMahon.