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    There's always a choice

    A relatively short story, five chapters set immediately after the end of The Mummy's Tomb.

    The Charmed Ones and Leo are feeling very satisfied with their emergence as the arbitrators of Good. Then they are forced to confront what it is really means to drive some-one who they once loved to evil, and what such actions will do to them. Realising they are facing their own fall into evil because of their self righteousness, they must convince a half crazy Cole, driven back to evil by despair, that he has a choice of whether he truely wants to be evil.

    To know Phoebe is to..

    A novel length story set a year after Cole has returned from the wasteland.

    Phoebe, after having passed the anniversaries of the evil events, when Cole was taken over by the Source has finally come to the conclusion that she meant it when she told Cole she would always love him. The trouble is Cole is not prepared to try again. He has managed to pull himelf back from the brink of evil, and when confronted by a hostile and guilt ridden Piper who feels that her happiness with Leo has come at the cost of Cole's happiness with her sister and a suspicious Paige, Cole is unwilling to risk rekindling a painful past. Even though he knows Phoebe is a girl who wants what she wants and knows how to get it.

    How quaint the ways of paradox

    A novel length story set three months after To know Phoebe is to...

    Cole and Phoebe are once again together, with Cole a reluctant resident of the manor. Just as the Halliwell family are starting to accept him again as a member of the family, he is confronted by his call to a destiny he was born to and may not have the courage to finally face because to do it he will ahve to betray the Charmed sisters and Leo. Leo makes some choices to protect his family from evil and Piper must face that her belief in her calling to Good could cost her any hope of personal happiness. Paige must examine her role, not as a Charmed One but as a sister.

    A time change story.

    A matter of relativity

    Long Novel length story set in the next two years after How quaint the ways of paradox

    Cole is coming to terms with his role as a Guardian, and he and Phoebe are living happily at the Manor, accepted and welcomed by the Halliwell family. Not eveything is perfect, Cole hates his work at the 'arsehole' law firm where he went to work when the Source took him over and Phoebe cannot forget the pain of the time he was the Source, and the horror of the evil spawn she carried before the Source's final vanquishment.

    Leo is disillusioned with the Elders and his role as a whitelighter. Piper is finding being a mother of an energetic and powerful witch is distracting her from her own witch role. Paige has met a new man, a nice man, one who she likes to much to believe that she could love him. And the notorious demon Elisheva is using ritual and demon worship to steal mortal souls while witches consumed with revenge, hunt it.

    The Life and Times

    Very long novel set a year after the end of A matter of relativity

    Every five hundred years, the magic realms are overtaken by a magic eclipse where beings of magic can experience the lifetimes of other connected creatures. The Charmed Ones, Cole, Leo and other characters move through each others lives and a thousand years of magic experience; the great moments, the small lives and experience the meaning of destiny; changing moments of their own and other lives, while learning the magic prophesies of the next five hundred years.

    At home the Charmed Ones are facing a warlock king who has the power to stop them remembering him, and the house guest from hell. Paige is mourning a lost love and Leo is finding satisfaction in a calling outside the control of the Elders. Piper is finding normal can be magical and Phoebe is discovering a the joys of motherhood. Cole is learning how to handle his role as a Guardian of the Magic Universe and a new generation of the Halliwell family are asserting themselves.

    Faithfully Yours

    A very long novel length story set a few months after Life and Times

    The Charmed Ones find out that a little bit of what you fantasy can be very dangerous.

    Guardian Cole finds himself caught in a war which Evil and Good must not win, whilst the Charmed sisters and most of the women in San Francisco find themselves caught up in their own fantasies and losing touch with all reality. Paige finds a little dose of reality in her romance makes her face the meaning of love. Phoebe must face the reality of her capricious nature and what fidelity truly means, while Piper comes to understand the true meaning of love as she meets an alien warrior and Leo must face his worst fears.

    While the very existence of the realm depends on all the Charmed Ones facing reality.